Personal Bankruptcy Services In Hamilton Ontario Canada

When might bankruptcy be necessary for you?

As a resident of Hamilton Ontario, Canada, if you are unable to pay your bills as they come due and you are unable to file a proposal to creditors, it may be necessary to file an assignment in bankruptcy. Since you file bankruptcy in your province of residence, if you are a resident of Hamilton Ontario, you would file your assignment in bankruptcy in Ontario. Information on filing for bankruptcy outside of Ontario can be found here.

The concept behind bankruptcy in Ontario is this: you assign (surrender) everything you own to a trustee in bankruptcy in exchange for the elimination of your unsecured debts.

Note: There are a number of differences between bankruptcy in Ontario and bankruptcy in other parts of Canada, so you are required to deal with a local bankruptcy trustee.

Should I file for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision.

Bankruptcy will eliminate most, if not all, of your debts, but it also impacts your future ability to obtain credit.

Before deciding to go bankrupt, you must meet with a licensed trustee to review your options, and then you, and only you, can make an informed decision.

Who files for bankruptcy in Hamilton?

Is bankruptcy necessary to help you solve your debt problems? We present below some examples, based on actual clients (their names have been changed), to show you how a bankruptcy in Hamilton can be used to deal with your debt problems.

Can I file for bankruptcy for free in Hamilton?

Since the sponsor of this site,, is licensed by the federal government of Canada, their fees for administering your bankruptcy are set by the government.

The actual cost of your bankruptcy in Hamilton will depend on your monthly family income, the size of your family, and your assets (such as RRSPs). Please contact us today to arrange for a free consultation; we will review your specific situation and explain the costs in detail BEFORE you decide whether bankruptcy is the correct solution for you and your family.Low cost bankruptcy filing is available.

What is the next step in filing for bankruptcy in Ontario?

If you are considering bankruptcy in Hamilton Ontario, please contact us today, to arrange for a free consultation. We will review your debts and your monthly budget, and help you determine which solution is right for you and your family.


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