It’s been a tough December for the Hammer. On December 11, Channel 11 LP, the corporate entity that creates local news for CHCH TV and bankrolls the Hamilton station’s news employees, filed for bankruptcy. In turn, CHCH has announced drastic cuts to its news service and released 129 full- and 38 part-time staffers (including such […]


Dodgy Debt Collectors Gets Their Reins Tightened

June 29, 2015

New consumer-protection rules are delivering a strong message to corrupt debt-settlement firms in Ontario. As of July 1, revised regulations take effect in this province that restrict debt collectors’ ability to take advantage of consumers’ compromised financial states. In response to increasing complaints about high fees, vague and ambiguous contracts, and failure to reduce debts […]

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Hamilton Football Scores Double Win

September 4, 2014

It may not have been the most riveting of football games, but the match played between the Toronto Argonauts and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats last Monday — the score notwithstanding — posted a big fat win for the home team. The traditional Labour Day Classic, between a pair of East Division teams suffering undeniably lacklustre mid-season […]

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Downshifting the Expense of Gasoline

September 2, 2014

Along with a wallet’s worth of other expenses that creep in and up over the summer months, the cost of gasoline is a biggie. As families pile into minivans for extended road trips and quick jaunts to the cottage become regular events, the gasoline credit card gets a serious run during this fair-weather stretch, knocking […]

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How Not to Get Burnt This Summer

July 30, 2014

Something there is about summertime that fills a person with the sense that anything is possible — and that they can pay for it. Perhaps the abundance of sunshine chemically alters the brain such that it temporarily imagines a different financial situation than is the reality. As such, this season has an unfortunate reputation for […]

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